The Historical Haggadah is the first to fully explain what really happened during our long sojourn in Egypt — before and during slavery. If you want to celebrate the actual events of Passover, The Historical Haggadah alone offers that opportunity.

Piecing together hitherto obscure passages of the Torah’s account, Abram Epstein has applied his background as a Jewish scholar to unravelling many puzzling aspects of Passover — and to tell it like it was.

The Maggid “Telling” is revolutionary — and his Haggadah makes it all come to life, with readings echoing the past, while fully preserving our traditional rituals. Be assured the historical dimension in no way diminishes our faith in God’s miraculous role.

Richly illustrated, the Haggadah is easy to follow for children and adults.

The Haggadah includes a second section with a complete discussion of all the insights on which it is based. (continued)