In the author’s words:
Shalom. My name is Abram Epstein. I am the author of The Historical Haggadah which has been popular for nearly two decades. As a member of the Manhattan Educators’ Council, I became aware of the need many felt for a better understanding of the actual events which took place in ancient Egypt.

Having grown up in a traditional home and wishing to enhance our sense of Pesach as a miraculous time, I was concerned that history and faith might well collide during the project of creating The Historical Haggadah. I should have had more faith — because, as it turned out, our seder rituals and symbols are deeply rooted in what actually occurred. I hope you will find the interactive readings, with voices echoing our ancient past, both entertaining and informative.

The Haggadah is supplemented by a discussion of the history, analyzing and supporting the many new insights it presents — all of which are based on Torah.

Chag Sameach!


Abram Epstein has served as Director of Education for various synagogues and actively participated in the Manhattan Educators’ Council. His graduate studies at New York University’s Hagop Kevorkian Center focused on ancient Near Eastern religions and Biblical Judaism. In addition to The Historical Haggadah his other books,  currently available on Amazon and from other booksellers, include, The Matthias Scroll and A Documented Biography of Jesus Before Christianitywhich explore the differences between first century Judaism and early Christianity.